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Oltre le Alpi Consortium Support to companies for their national and international promotion


The Oltre Le Alpi Consortium is an association of agricultural companies founded in 2020 with the aim of promoting Italian wines and agri-food products on the national and foreign market.

It is established on the law L. 134 of 07/08/2012 concerning consortia for internationalization.

The Oltre Le Alpi Consortium acts as a support to the consortium companies in the field of promotion through the implementation of specific projects at national and international level.

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Azienda Agricola Baracco Pietro di Baracco Liliana

Via Balluri, 21 12052 Neive (CN) CF / P.IVA: C.F. BRCLLN68P41A124N, P.IVA 03341310047

Tel. 0173.67050 Fax. 0173.67050


Consorzio Oltre le Alpi

Corso Bra 52/5, 12051 Alba (CN)


Tel: +39 0173 366807

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